Why we use Xero software for associate dentists

If you are an associate dentist, here are the top 4 reasons (there are many more) why we have set our dentists up to use Xero for their accounting.

1. No more downloading and forwarding of your bank statements 

Bank statements are automatically fed in via a secure connection, making it a breeze to for us to reconcile with rules and machine learning. It saves hours of data entry every day, ultimately saving whole days over the year of just entering data.  Bank feeds are now provided by all major banks, and credit cards.

2. Make faster decisions

As the data we have is live, we can assist you in making informed decisions.

3. Compliant software 

Xero is ready for the Making Tax Digital changes, reducing the impact on your business.

4. The engine of SmallBiz Accounts

Xero is at the heart of our business.  It is the only accounting software we work with.  All the staff have been trained as Xero certified and our systems have been build around Xero.  If you want to work with us you will need to (or agree to) have your accouning data with Xero.


We will link your business bank account to Xero software. All your income and expenses will feed directly in to Xero. This saves you time in preparing your year end paperwork, and you can even store your documents in Xero