If you are a running a small business, here are the top five reasons (there are many more) why our clients want to use Xero 

1. Bank feeds – no more data entry of banking transactions

Bank statements are automatically fed in via a secure connection, making it a breeze to click and reconcile with rules and machine learning. It saves hours of data entry every day, ultimately saving whole days over the year of just entering data.
Bank feeds are now provided by most banks, and Paypal.
Multi-currency functionality can be added, which automatically tracks currency gains and losses across multiple currencies.

2. Shared Access - work seamlessly with us and other business associates

Your business’s accounts are in one place - the cloud - for you and us to view in real time. This saves the time and hassle of taking backups of data to send to us, loading on to our systems, adjusting, and then sending back our adjustments to reflect those updates into your accounts.

Instead, just log in from anywhere to see up to date information on your business. 

3. Integrated Payroll

Once the payroll is processed, your profit figure is updated immediately - you don't have to add any further data. There is a mobile app for employees to view their payslips, submit their timesheets and apply for time off.  Payroll provides everything you need to track your staff hours, leave, pay and taxes.

Auto enrolment is covered too: let Xero assess the status of the workers, create employee communications and manage pension contributions.

4. Improve cash flow with Xero’s online invoices

Take the hassle out of invoicing and collecting payments.
Just add your logo to a professional invoice template and send your invoice directly from Xero. You can set up various payment methods, including credit and debit cards, Paypal and Stripe. You can see if your customer has accessed the invoiced, and set up automatic email reminders within guidelines set by you. Meaning your customers will be paying you quicker.

5. Automate your accounting when you're sleeping

It allows you to set up repeating sales invoices and emails the recurring invoices for you based on your custom template.     Using third party apps like Receipt Bank and Trip Catcher, expenses data can be captured and posted to Xero without you having to make a single key stroke!

Receipt Bank is fantastic - it will read the data on the invoice, coding the expense, date and VAT.  Trip Catcher will calculate your business journeys using google maps, calculate your expense using the approved mileage rates and the VAT you can recover.  There is seamless integration with Xero allowing you to publish the mileage claim for repayment.