Limited company prices

A limited company is a great, flexible way to manage your income and save tax. Its best for dentists with private client income. Our prices will flex depending on the details of your business.


A limited company paid between £60,000 and £125,000 per year, where you pay yourself a salary from the company. Your tax return includes only company salary and dividends.

£101 per month

These services will keep you fully legal, and include:

  • Annual Accounts
  • Corporation tax return
  • Personal tax return
  • Tax Investigation Fee Protection
  • Companies House confirmation statement + Annual Filing Fee
  • Payroll for a Director
  • Dividend documents once a year
  • Xero Subscription

You may also need some additional services:

Pay your spouse as an employee £5 per month       
Prepare rental property accounts for your tax return from £7 per month
Personal tax return for your spouse £13 per month
Keep your home address private using our registered office £5 per month                                     

Sometimes, you might want some one off services such as:

Additional company dividends £36     
Transfer part of your personal allowance to save tax £50                                                    
Set up a limited company and register a payroll scheme £170                                  



We will link your business bank account to Xero software. All your income and expenses will feed directly in to Xero. This saves you time in preparing your year end paperwork, and you can even store your documents in Xero