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Run-off Tax Relief on Dentistry Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) premiums

After closing a dental practice or finishing as an associate, a dentist, as required by the GDC, must maintain Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) coverage for a certain period to protect against potential claims arising from past treatments. The duration for which PII insurance is required can vary. If your policy was a claims-made policy, you…

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This associate dentist could now get as much as £40k in child benefit payments for his family

We’ve been working with a new dental associate customer who has recently moved from a sole trader dentist to a limited company. He has brought his wife into the limited company to take advantage of her lower tax rates. Keeping his and his wife’s dividends and salaries at a rate of £50,000 annually means he…

get free childcare as a Dentist

Get Free Childcare as a Dentist and Save £1,000’s

As a tax adviser and accountant, my main objective is to optimise tax efficiency for my customers. However, there are instances where unexpected opportunities arise that can provide financial benefits through indirect tax-related means, such as the possibility of receiving free childcare as a Dentist. In a conversation with a recently joined dentist, they mentioned…